Surgical Drapes Kits for General Surgery

We provide reliable and presentable Surgical Drapes Kits for General Surgery specially designed to establish and maintain a sterile field. We work with the best available technology and resources to give you equally the best with qualities of impervious to strike through, fluid control feature, reliable adhesion, superior strength and comfort.

Surgical procedures require drapes that can effectively control large amounts of fluid and maintain a safe environment for healthcare workers. Drapes that minimize the amount of preparation time before surgery are an advantage as often there is a quick turnaround time between procedures. Our range of drapes combine the benefits of absorbent, impervious fabric and the flexibility of cost effective draping options. IntraLine Drapes offer the performance and protection needed to stand up to the specific demands of surgical procedures.

These kits are designed to protect the wearer from direct exposure to blood, body fluids, and airborne contaminants. The Surgical Drapes Kits for General Surgery Includes disposable face masks, surgical gowns, Towels, caps, shoe covers and drapes.

surgical drape kit1 surgical drape kit2