Medical and lab uniforms are worn by medical professionals like a doctor, nurses and surgeons lab workers assistants and scientists. They are designed to be easy with nominal places for dust to hide away simple to use and inexpensive to replace if stained irretrievably. Now a days we see that medical expert are always wearing those uniform. The types of medical uniform are not same. It typically differs according to level of medical professional.

Disposable Nonwoven Lab Coat




Disposable Nonwoven Lab Coat

Disposable lab coats fall just below the knee and include a convenient loop for hanging.
Made with protective non-woven material that is fluid-resistant, breathable and comfortable, Traditional collar, knit cuffs and Available in different sizes



Disposable Nonwoven Lab Coat 1



White Reusable Lab Coat

This is the most common type used for medical lab coats simply because the material is lightweight, comfortable and fairly durable. This fashionable lab coat will keep you looking professional at a tremendous price! Available in different sizes