There are a range of different types of disposable bed sheets that are ideal for any type of medical table, stretcher or patient bed. This includes disposable bed sheets for ambulance stretchers through to disposable linens that can be used in a variety of clinical settings, patient rooms in hospitals or for long term patient care facilities. Having a variety of options for assisting staff is providing the most practical and cost efficient options for patient care and comfort is a big plus in any healthcare facility.


Disposable bed sheets come in all different styles as well as developed specifically for different types of hospital beds and equipment.

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Disposable Pillow Covers

The disposable pillow cover is a nonwoven disposable products. It is used widely in airline, hospital, hotel,bus and home. It is one good one-off sanitary product.The disposable pillow cover can prevent the spread of the bacteria effectively.New soft and strong material This disposable pillow case can be used as a normal pillow case, travelling…. This type of disposable nonwoven pillow covers can be thrown away after use.

The disposable pillow case come individually packaged and therefore are clean every time. This pillow case can also be used for protection of your pillow against allergies or swelling. You should choose the proper size for your pillow. Effective at preventing bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your mattress We make use of best raw material in manufacturing these disposable pillow covers which provide them with a rich look backed .

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